Common position about the use of the current European Vehicle number

On 16th of November 2023, AERRL, ALLRAIL, CER, EAL, EIM, ERFA, UIP, UIRR and UNIFE had endorsed a common position paper to express their support to the implementation of the centralised registration function as the European Vehicle Register (EVR) defined in the Commission Implementing Regulation 2018/1614 of 25 October 2018. With this statement, they had outlined the need to guarantee the freedom to choose a national registration entity if preferred and shared reflections about coding of the countries in which the vehicles are registered and access rights.

In the context of this ongoing reform, AERRL, ALLRAIL, CER, ERFA, UIC, UIP, UIRR and UNIFE have defined a new common position about the use of the current European Vehicle Number and a vision of its evolution.

They highlight the advantage of the existing EVN structure as a speaking number and they advocate keeping the authorisation (managed by manufacturers) and registration (managed by keepers) processes clearly separate.

Read the common position by clicking here : common position

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