Joint statement on the revision of TSI’s

Last week, the rail sector (AERRL, ALLRAIL, CER, EIM, FEDECRAIL, NB-Rail, UIP, UIRR, UITP and UNIFE) sent a joint statement on the revision of the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) to the European Commission and the Member States.

In a separated individual statement, AERRL advocated for all the developments on track being compatible with ETCS BL 3.4 on-board, as proven and available industry standard for the next 15 years. In AERRL’s opinion, BL 3.4 should be considered as initial anchor, providing long-term compatibility. Innovations that improve the sector’s competitiveness (e.g.: ATO) are encouraged for inclusion in future TSIs, but implementation on rolling stock should be on a voluntary and economically sound basis. FRMCS should be implemented as soon as possible(-2028), independent of ETCS functions.

The final goal of AERRL and its members is the efficient, economic, reliable, safe, and seamless transport of goods and passengers across Europe. We remain committed in supporting the European Commission and ERA on the long-term evolution of the TSIs and their contribution to the development of an efficient and competitive European railway system.

Read the joint statement by clicking here :

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