Bringing the industry together to drive the transition to very low-emission rail traction

AERRL & partners have launched the first phase of a study to identify and promote technologies to cut the climate impact of existing diesel-powered rail fleets in the near future. Although rail is already by far the most sustainable mode of land transport, this initiative aims to help rail transport on non-electrified lines transition to low-carbon technologies that provide even greener passenger and freight transport.

AERRL welcomes Renfe Alquiler as new effective member

Renfe Alquiler de Material Ferroviario became a new AERRL member in January 2022. RAMF is a commercial state company, mainly active in Spain and Portugal. As European player, it actively contributes to an easy and fair access to the market for all the EU Railway undertakings…a solid ground to join the association!  AERRL counts now […]